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Thank you for Registering with Pink Lotus Yoga!

We are delighted to be part of your Yoga and wellness journey. Since you already signed up with us, one more step to start earning Karma Friend Reward Points.  We use Perkville as our sign up for your free account with them and start earning points as you practice!

Karma Friend Rewards – How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier – come practice with us like you have been, when we swipe your ID card that will tell Perkville to send you an email. Now check for the email and when you see it, follow the steps to register with Perkville.

Once you’re registered you automatically start earning points.

How do I earn points?

Well, just for signing up we’ll give you 25 points! But, referring your friends earns you the most points. You also earn points for doing the things you do everyday. For example, post about us on Facebook, send a tweet about us, simply show up for class! You earn points for doing all of these things! We even give you points on your birthday

For every friend you refer that visits our studio you get 25 points! Follow us and tweet about us 10 points* Friend us and Post about us on Facebook 10 points* Attend a class 5 points Attend a workshop 10 points Earn 5 points on your birthday!

* To post about us on Facebook and Twitter and earn points you have to log into your Perkville account and post from there.

The fine print…

Ok not too much fine print – just make sure we have your email address. The email address is the key. Make sure the its the same email you use for Perkville. We may change the point values you earn from time to time.

Redeeming points:

Once you’ve earned enough points, print out your redemption voucher from Perkville and bring that to the studio. You can track your progress by logging on to Perkville.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm going to get loads of emails and junk mail now, right?

Nope! – You will receive the same amount of emails from us that you currently get, you may also receive emails from Perkville, although you have the option of opting out in your Perkville profile settings. This is not an email sharing program where your email will be shared, sold, or given away.

What information is shared with Perkville?

Very little, your email, and the class attandence. The rest is handled by the integration between the two programs using those two pieces of information.

What happens if I don't receive the Perkville Invitation?

No problem – go to perkville.com and register manually – your points will be there waiting for you! All you have to do is make sure you use the same email you gave us.

Why are you giving away points for posting about Pink Lotus on Facebook and twitter?

We’d love for you to share your practice, your experience, and your thoughts about Pink Lotus Yoga. It builds community, it helps us get the word out and is a great way to experience and improve your practice.

What do I tweet or post on Facebook?

Talk about your experience at Pink Lotus, compliment your instructors, your practice, things you’ve learned. We also love hearing about the journey you’re on and what discoveries you’ve made.