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A PEACE of Yoga Workshop

A PEACE OF YOGA WORKSHOP I AM! - STRONG! - KIND! - CONFIDENT! I AM ME! "I AM Yoga" is designed specifically to support kids ages 9-13. Marghi will guide them on a journey of self discovery empowering them with a PEACE of Yoga. This five week workshop will incorporate...

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Special Note of gratitude from Lisa

Special Note of Gratitude from Lisa New Years Eve, consumes me in contemplation every year. New Years Eve is a time for reflection. It’s a time of recognition, of gratitude, and evaluation. Evaluation of the goals we set and how we achieved them or perhaps missed...

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Beginner Workshop 4 Week Series

Beginner Workshop all new for 2017 New to Yoga? Do you have a few preconceived ideas about Yoga? Don’t think you can do it? Maybe you have a bad back, toe hurts, you're out of shape, or not flexible enough.  Sound familiar? Well this Beginner Workshop is for you! We...

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Great New Workshops

Wow! We have some amazingly talented people in our studio! Everyone contributes and all that creativity has resulted in a great new series of workshops! Too Many Great New Workshops to feature them individually!

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We love beginners! Our staff is ready and eager to help you begin your journey. We get asked all sorts of questions about Yoga, so to help check out our Beginners Corner Page to get you started.

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