Anatomy Immersion for Yoga Practitioners and Instructors

Understanding the anatomy of the human structure is vital to a safe and beneficial yoga practice. Knowing how you affect your anatomy will help elevate your practice. This knowledge is critical for Yoga Instructors. You must understand anatomy to provide safe instruction to your clients. Your clients achieve the greatest benefit and are happier practitioners as a result. If you want to elevate your practice or your clients, then this workshop is for you.
Particularly, this workshop will focus on the muscles of the upper body. This workshop will focus on the shoulders, hips, trunk, spine and pelvis. All these muscles contribute to the stabilization of the core and extremities. Rebecca will be discussing the contribution and stabilization effects of these muscles.
Rebecca Melniczuk is a physical therapist at Woodstown Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab. She is a graduate of Temple University and a certified mat Pilates instructor. She will show several compensation patterns associated with dysfunction in these muscle groups. These dysfunctions are often caused from overuse and/or weakness. Particular attention will be given to Pelvic Floor dysfunction. Pelvic Floor dysfunction contributes to lower back pain, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain. If time allows. She will review orthopedic diagnosis, and injuries frequently seen in the community.

3 hour workshop from 10am-1pm January 6, 2018

Receive 3 CEU Credits upon completion.

Workshop Cost: $120