Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister science. It is a 5,000 year old Indian based holistic approach to mind-body medicine. Ayurveda is the foundation of physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Ayurveda is not one size fits all. An Ayurvedic approach is an individualized approach to holistic health. Living a balanced life, as a unique individual is a core tenant to Ayurvedic Yoga. Our focus is to identify imbalance before it progresses to illness or disease.
Danna, is a Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. Danna trained and received her certification through the Himalayan Institute. She is also an amazing Yoga instructor and a registered 200 hour trained Yoga Instructor. She will create a customized plan for your unique situation. This plan provides you with the necessary adjustments to support a balanced life. During your initial 90 minute consultation you will answer a brief assessment questionnaire. This will help Danna assess your primary constitution and areas of imbalance. Using this information she will create a specific wellness plan which may include; 
  • Dietary changes
  • Daily rituals
  • Yoga practice
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation.

Initial Consultation and Customized Wellness Plan – $85 90 Min

Follow-up Consultation – $60

Custom Private Ayurveda Yoga Sessions – $65

Private Ayurveda Yoga Sessions are also available and are customized for your constitution and / or imbalance. Initial assessment and a one hour Yoga Session

Ayurvedic Yoga only – one hour session – $45

Disclaimer: Danna is a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour registered Yoga Instructor, as well as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. She is not an Ayurvedic physician. Her focus is on the dietary and lifestyle aspects of Ayurvedic healing. She provides coaching and encouragement towards living a more balanced life. As with any lifestyle change, consult your physician before implementing a new routine.

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