3 Session Workshop

Curvy Yoga was created to hold a safe and accessible place for curvy-bodied people to experience yoga.
A Curvy Yoga Practice starts on your yoga mat. Yoga isn’t part of a “fix yourself” paradigm but rather a “know yourself” paradigm. It then journeys with you off your yoga mat because the same is true of body acceptance. While you may experience fleeting moments of epiphany or joyous love for your body, the day-to-day experience of body acceptance is much quieter than that. Ultimately more powerful because it becomes part of your everyday life.
We want to make yoga an option for people who never thought it was. Over time, it has evolved into being a body affirming space. People of all shapes and sizes practice yoga with lots of options for individual expressions of poses. You can too!
During this 3 session workshop Toni will teach you how to connect and know yourself in an affirming way (inside and out!). She uses simple, easy to remember mindful practices. Whether its at home, the office, or even traveling. These are techniques you can take with you wherever you go.
You’ll also learn modifications. Learn simple modifications that allow space for moving through the poses with lots of accessibility. Toni will help you find the balance between ease and effort. Finally, we’ll discuss and explore options to bring your practice home. Using the wall, chairs and other “at home” props that allow you to make yoga a part of your daily life.
Toni began practicing yoga while in her 20’s.  It started out as mostly physical. She soon realized that a regular yoga practice connected herself to the world around her. Hoping to share her love of yoga with others Toni earned her 200YTT. Toni learned at Yoga on Main in Manayunk, which deepened her experience and practice.
Through the years, as a person with a bigger body, she realized that modifications and props were often needed to make poses more accessible. So in 2012, she studied with Anna Guest-Jelley and became a certified Curvy Yoga Teacher, knowing this would give her the knowledge she needed to offer yoga to others who thought it might never be accessible to them.
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